Share your app with one link

1LINK.IO creates a short link that'll redirect users to your app according to the device they use. You can add this link to your website, social media, email, and ad campaigns and track the performance seamlessly

One link to your app

A frictionless experience for your users, thanks to deep linking mobile users are automatically redirected to Play Store / App Store, this means less taps to install your app - in the meantime measure the performance of each link.

Convert more users

Take users directly to your app without losing them to the web view load

Measure Attribution Efficiently

Count the number of clicks, referral source, country and device type

Shorten App Links on Social Media

Overcome Social Media limits, use your unified smart link instead of multiple links (Play Store, App Store)

Increase your app installs


Convert non mobile users to your app

Automatically redirect users to a landing page with a QR code and links to your app, or optionally redirect to your website URL.

desktop device landing page app example


Land directly on the mobile store

Automatically redirect users to the App Store (iOS) or Play Store (Android) according to the device they use.

playstore android app example
app store ios app example

Here is a link example, custom domain and vanity url supported

Landing page matches your style

We automatically generate the landing page with your app style and app icon.

Automatically handle edge cases

We support all devices and browsers, we automatically redirect the user to the best and fastest route.

SEO Optimized landing pages

Landing pages for desktop devices are automatically optimized for SEO and available to search engines.


Thanks to the analytics dashboard you will be able to check which links are performing better, referer source, country, device types and other insights.

Use cases

Social Media, Ad Campaigns, Offline marketing

Whether you're running ad campaigns, influencer marketing campaigns or simply want to share your app in bio, 1LINK.IO has you covered.

neil patrick harris twitter example


Create a compact URL that automatically covers all the devices (desktop/mobile) and use the extra space to talk about your app.


Add app links to CTA buttons and redirect users directly to your app.


Easily add your smart link to "Link Sticker" in stories and bios, run influencer marketing campaigns and measure the performance of each link created.
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Email and Ad Campaigns

1LINK.IO allows you to create a custom link for each ad campaign (including influencer campaigns) to track and optimize the performance of each campaign.

Offline Marketing, share your app with a QR code

1LINK.IO generates a QR code you can share during offline marketing events like TV interviews, meetups, conferences, etc. You can also print the QR code on physical products like tees, mugs, etc., to encourage more app installs if you're doing a giveaway.
Try scanning this QR code with your smartphone.
qr code example one link to app

QR Code example for link

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Unlimited links

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Clicks per month are cumulative (from all your links) and are counted when a real user (not a bot or a crawler) clicks on your link, and 1LINK.IO successfully handles it. For example, if you're on the "startup" plan and have 10 links, you can receive up to 500 clicks per link in a month (in total: 5000 clicks/month). Also, each click is unique (we don't fingerprint users).

We'll notify you via email multiple times (70%, 80%, 90% etc.) before your plan limit is reached and add 10% more clicks on your plan limit before we stop redirecting users. For example, if your plan is Startup (5000 clicks/month), you're allowed 500 (10%) extra clicks every month.

We accept all cards and PayPal. (Payments are processed via

Yes! We don't have a lock-in period, so you can change your plans anytime you want.

We've got a forever free plan (no credit card required) and a 14-day free trial for our Startup and Pro plans.

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