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The perfect tool for app marketers, thanks to 1LINK.IO you can share your app with one link, reducing the steps involved to install your app and overcome Instagram limits

  • Link in bio
  • Link sticker (Story)
  • Track link performance and analytics
  • Automatically detect device type
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One tap to install your app

Less taps to get your app, more installs.

Link in bio

Drive more people to your app by placing your one link into your bio, your app is one tap away

Link Sticker

If you are looking to share your app (Play Store, Apple Store) using the Link Sticker feature of Instagram you can easily create an unified link via, you will get a link similar to: "" (fully customizable)


For each smart link created you will get insights about clicks, device, country etc., in this way you can easily partner with influencers and track performance of each campaign

Run influencers campaigns and track performance

Promote your app with Link Sticker

Links created via 1LINK.IO can be used in Link Sticker feature of Instagram to easily share them on Instagram Story, thanks to deep linking when a user taps on the Link Sticker the appropriate mobile store will be opened automatically (App Store / Play Store), this allows for a seamlessly experience without webview load

Instagram Story Example with link sticker

Instagram Profile Example with link in bio onelinkto

Overcome Instagram's one link limit

Your app is one tap away

Create your link and place it in your Instagram bio, users will be automatically redirected to the mobile store based on their device (App Store for iOS / Play Store for Android)

Simple but effective tool to help you promote your app

Stop sharing multiple links for your app (iOS, Android), use 1LINK.IO to create a unified link that is smart enough to detect the device type and redirect the user.
Thanks to our analytics dashboard you can measure the performance of each link.

Analytics performance tracking screenshot

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