Improve the user experience, increase app installs and automatically optimize your app presence on the web, with just one link.


how it works

ONE APP should be ONE LINK

Stop having multiple links for one app, share one short link and we take care of the rest, users are automatically redirected based on their device. Try yourself:


Phorest salon
Planet Fundraiser

Features you love

Scalable Infrastracture

We run on a highly available serverless infrastructure able to process thousands of clicks per second.

Landing Page

Get a free, automatically generated landing page based on your app style. It's social ready and it will be automatically indexed by search engines.


Understand your audience and your campaigns. Get insights about clicks, referral source, device type and contry. (Powered by Metabase)

Increase conversion rate


Convert desktop users

Turn desktop users into app installs thanks to the landing page and QR code. Users can scan the QR code with their mobile devices or visit the App Store or Play store via the localized app badges example

Land directly to store

Your mobile users will land automatically to App store or Play store, there is no web view load. Reducing taps to install your app.

Available to search engines

Landing pages are indexed and crawled by search engines, in this way they are accessible to outside your marketing channels and you can reach other people.

Complete coverage

Your link will look like this, add it to Instagram bio/story, Twitter and where you can add only one link, each device will be automatically handled by 1LINK.IO

A few examples

Use cases

Advertise with just one link

Increase conversions by providing an unified link for your campaigns.

Run your campaigns without worrying about the device of the user, each click will be automatically handled by 1LINK.IO based on your settings.


Increase CTR % by using one link and understand your audience.

From email campaigns/newsletters to social media marketing, increase conversions and keep track of users.

Send one link instead of multiple ones without worrying about devices, each users will land to the appropriate page (based on your settings). Please note: to increase the CTR even more you can customize the domain for your link (e.g.

Always keep control of your links, edit one or more options and edits will be live in real time, even if you sent the link months ago.

After running your campaign you can track the source of users, country, device type and more with our easy to use analytics dashboard.

Generate or update a link when an action occurs

If you are developing apps at scale integrate via our API or Zapier.

Thanks to our Application programming interface (API) or Zapier you can easily integrate 1LINK.IO into your business.


Share only one QR code for your app

Give a fast lane to your audience or clients, after scanning the QR code they will be automatically redirected

Instead of sharing multiple text links for your app and website in some situations you want to just share a simple all in one QR code (e.g. during a talk, panel, stand, tv ad, magazine, physical product etc.). You can accomplish that with 1LINK.IO.

Here is an example, try scanning the QR code below with your smartphone:

qr code example

From startup to Enterprise

TESTING €0/m Try out all the basics features for free (forever)
    100 Clicks/month
    5 Links
    14 Days Analytics
    API and Zapier
    Custom domain
PRO €17.99/m 14 Days free trial
    50'000 Clicks/month
    Unlimited Links
    Full history Analytics
    API and Zapier
    Custom domain
VAT included

Enterprise plan avaialble, Contact us

Included in all plans

Landing page

For desktop users if no redirect URL is set we automatically generate a landing page that is optimized for SEO and social networks.

App store deep linking

Doesn't matter the device, every user will land to the proprietary app store (App store / Play store).

Full control of your links

Edit or archive links in real time, or refresh the landing page (colors, app icon).

Analytics dashboard

Measure and understand your audience thanks to our Metabase integration.

Frequently Asked Questions

What payment methods do you accept?

Payments are processed and collected by, they accept Paypal and all Credit Cards.

What happen if I reach the plan limit?

In case you reach your plan (cumulative) maximum clicks per month your users will see a "plan limit reached" notice and users will not be redirected. To unlock the limit you need to upgrade your plan. Please note: When you are approaching one or more limit you will receive a notification via email.

How clicks per month are calculated?

Clicks per month are cumulative (from all your links), and are counted when a real user (not a bot or crawler) clicks on your link and 1LINK.IO successfully handles it. Each click is unique (we do not store IP addresses nor fingerprint users. (e.g. if you are on the "startup" plan and you have 10 links you can receive 500 clicks per link in a month (in total 5'000/month))

Can I change/cancel my plan anytime?

Yes, there is no lock-in, change or cancel your plan when you want. There is also a free 14 days trial for paid plans.

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