One link to mobile apps

Simplify the access to your app providing one short link,
users will be automatically redirected based on your settings - w/ analytics

One app == One link

Stop having multiple links for one app, with 1LINK.IO you share one single short link and users are automatically redirected based on your settings, including: OS, device and country.

Fallback or Landing Page

You can choose to redirect any other devices / OS (i.e. desktop) to a fallback URL or show a custom (automatically generated) social-ready landing page with app badges, example

Increase installs

When an user clicks on your 1LINK.IO short link, the proprietary app store will automatically open, in this way conversions will increase and the user doesn't need to copy-paste your app name (involving 6 steps to download your app)

Free and no-ads

We don't inject any ads, affiliate IDs or other third party libraries in the redirect process / landing page (except for Google Analytics), you can check yourself:, we have also a free plan!, check out the pricing


Measure, track and visualize with the 1LINK.IO analytics dashboard or send all the analytics to your your Google Analytics dashboard by adding your tracking ID.

Full customization

You can easily customize every options of the link, including:

  • Short URL (vanity URL)
  • Redirect URL
  • Country-specific redirects
  • Redirect based on specific devices

Why is it so awesome?

1LINK.IO leverages the latest technology to improve the user experience, from any context to your app with just one tap.

Increase installs

Thanks to automatic deep link users don't need to copy the app name, open the app store, paste the app name and search the app.

Social ready

Twitter, Whatsapp, Slack... it does not matter where are you sharing the link, users will immediately see a preview of your app, including: icon, title and description, see an example (twitter).

App store optimization

The automatically generated landing page is built to increase installs and the visibility of your app on the web, this is why landing pages are indexed by search engines (Google, Bing, etc..).

Easy to use

You can quickly create your short link by entering a website, 1LINK.IO will automatically import all the links pointing to your app in less than 3 seconds, try it now.

Who is using it?

Planet Fundraiser helps people raise funds for schools and nonprofits by shopping at supporting businesses

Peak Pocket Studios app dev. agency is using 1LINK.IO to share their "Atmosphere app". Over 500k downloads - Featured on Google Play

Behive app is the safe place to communicate with your friends, family and community.

Fumb Games app dev. agency, with 100k cumulative installs, is using 1LINK to easily share their new apps

Fundraising App
App dev. agency
US Startup
App dev. agency

If you are an app developer, startup, company or you just want to increase installs of an app, get started now: