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API and Zapier

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Custom Domain

URL Shortener

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50000 clicks/Month

Unlimited links

Full Analytics

API and Zapier

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Custom Domain

URL Shortener (custom domain)

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Unlimited clicks

Unlimited links

Full Analytics

API and Zapier

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Custom Domain

URL Shortener (custom domain)

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Clicks per month

Total, cumulative clicks that you can receive monthly

Smartlinks creation limit

How many links you can create

Landing page for desktop devices

During link creation you can select "Landing Page" for desktop devices,
we will automatically generate a landing page for you

Localized store badges in landing page (desktop)

The landing page generated for desktop devices will include
localized store badges (App Store / Play Store download badges) based on end user language

Landing page indexed by search engines

The landing page that is automatically generated will be automatically crawled and indexed by search engines

QR Code

QR Code is provided for each link you create

Clicks analytics data retention

Clicks data retention, for paid plans we always keep the full analytics history

14 daysForeverForeverForever
Detailed Analytics

Get more insights on clicks, such as referer url, device type, country etc.

Export analytics data

You can easily export the analytics data for each link or for all your links in multiple formats

REST API and Zapier

You can use our easy to use REST API or Zapier App to create/update links programmatically

Custom domains

You can use your domain to create your links, SSL certificate included

URL Shortener and full control on custom domains

When you add a custom domain you have full control with the builtin URL Shortener

Priority Support
Dedicated Support
Monthly Price 0 7.50 19.51 48.80

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Clicks per month are cumulative (from all your links) and are counted when a real user (not a bot or a crawler) clicks on your link, and 1LINK.IO successfully handles it. For example, if you're on the "startup" plan and have 10 links, you can receive up to 500 clicks per link in a month (in total: 5000 clicks/month). Also, each click is unique (we don't fingerprint users).

We'll notify you via email multiple times (70%, 80%, 90% etc.) before your plan limit is reached and add 10% more clicks on your plan limit before we stop redirecting users. For example, if your plan is Startup (5000 clicks/month), you're allowed 500 (10%) extra clicks every month.

We accept all cards and PayPal. (Payments are processed via

Yes! We don't have a lock-in period, so you can change your plans anytime you want.

We've got a forever free plan (no credit card required) and a 14-day free trial for our Startup and Pro plans.