3 Tips for Promoting an App on Instagram

If you’ve been struggling to promote your app, eager to find ways to reach your target audience, get in front of more eyes, and gain an edge on the competition, you might want to consider social media as your primary means of promotion; particularly Instagram.

Why Instagram? Simply put, Instagram is the largest social media platform in the world, with nearly 1 billion users annually, boasting several unique and creative features that can be used to your advantage.

In what follows, we’ll be detailing several ways to promote an app on Instagram. What you’ll learn is by implementing effective and streamlined strategies via the utilization of tools that help you do so, you’ll experience returns previously unimaginable.

So, if you’re looking to take your promotional marketing game to the next level, excited to share your app with the world, this article is for you. Without further ado, below are 3 tips for promoting an app on Instagram!

How to Promote an App on Instagram

With hundreds of millions of daily users and with engagement through the roof, Instagram is undeniably one of, if not THE best platform for promotional marketing, both organic and paid.

While organic content sharing and the utilization of free tools show evident results when done effectively, you’re likely asking yourself ‘how can I take advantage of these tools to promote my app?!'.

The answer is a multifaceted one, however, there are a few surefire ways to do so, and that’s what we’ll be focusing on in this article; the tips and strategies might be easier and more effective than you’d expect!

The next logical question, then, becomes ‘how do you attract potential leads and guide them towards the purchase/download of the app?!'. It’s one thing to promote your app via organic and informative content but it’s another to take them off of Instagram and into the app store for purchase…

That’s where 1LINK.IO comes into play!

While we’ll discuss 1LINK.IO in detail throughout the tips that follow, in short, it’s a conversion software that creates one short link that automatically redirects the user based on their device. This is extremely beneficial for a number of reasons, however, one being the ability to track link performance and two being able to capture users of both apple and android devices with a one-click link.

Below are the Top Three (3) Tips for Successfully Promoting an App on Instagram:

  • Create Branded Hashtags

  • Partner With Relevant Influencers

  • Insert and Optimize Your Link in Bio

Create Branded Hashtags

Instagram and the success of its users have largely been built around organic content and user-generated hashtags. With that said, you’d be remiss not to create your own branded hashtag strategy when sharing organic content pertaining to your app.

Not only does it increase traffic and overall engagement via likes, comments, and shares, but it encourages user-generated content that results in word-of-mouth marketing, thus increasing conversion rates and thus total sales.

An effective hashtag strategy isn’t going to be the difference-maker between the rise or fall of your app, however, it’s the first logical step towards executing a comprehensive promotional strategy that encompasses both organic and paid tactics.

After all, if you’re going to be using Instagram as part of your marketing strategy, you’re evidently going to be sharing organic content. So, why not input some branded hashtags amongst the copy of each post? It only takes a few seconds and it can generate some fairly incredible results if done correctly.

Partner with Relevant Influencers

Link sticker with 1LINK.IO allows to easily track performance of each ad campaign

Whether via the encouragement of user-generating content (UGC) or via a contractual partnership with influencers with substantial audience sizes, influencer marketing has proven to be an effective strategy for product promotion, allowing businesses to capture attention that wouldn’t have been accessible otherwise.

Once you’ve found a suitable influencer(s) to work with, the next step is to provide them with their own unique link using 1LINK.IO. Providing them with their own unique link to share with their audience will allow you as a business to track influencer performance based on clicks and thus return on investment via the 1link.io dashboard. It will also reduce the steps that a potential customer has to take to install the app.

Depending on the relationship that you’ve built and the agreement that you settled on with said influencer, they can then proceed to oblige by promoting your app via their Instagram Feed, Instagram Story, or otherwise. By simply inputting their sponsored link sticker in a story or putting it as a link in bio, influencers can redirect their audience to the appropriate mobile store with just one click of a button; it’s that easy!

Link in bio allows end users to install your app with one tap

There’s no rule suggesting that you can’t promote your own product on your own social media platform, right?! Well, with 1link.io, you can do so with ease. Simply create the convertible link and pop it into your bio. Now, every time someone visits your Instagram profile, they’ll be easily redirected to the appropriate mobile app store.

While this might not sound like a useful tip, for it’s quite a common practice for businesses to have a link in bio, here’s the difference… Most businesses and app developers alike use a standard link in bio. Because Instagram only allows one link in their bio, businesses have to strategically choose between an Apple Store link for apple users or a Play Store link for android users.

With 1LINK.IO, however, that’s no longer a concern! No more missing out on a subset of the population; no more picking a choosing; no more wasting time executing user analytics. Simply create the link and allow it to do the rest!

In short, failing to place a link to your own app in your own Instagram bio is a missed opportunity for a simple yet effective means of free promotion. As mentioned above, because Instagram doesn’t allow users to insert more than one link in bio, 1link.io can help capture both the apple and android audiences with just one click, thus increasing total conversions.

Not only is promoting your mobile app on social media an incredible opportunity to build brand awareness and increase conversions, but with the help of 1LINK.IO, that process will be that much more streamlined!

To learn more about 1LINK.IO and how it works, be sure to check out 1link.io!