Frequently asked questions

Do you inject affiliate parameters in the URLs?

No, all URLs are untouched and not manipulated.

Do you show ads meanwhile users are being redirected?

No, we don't inject any ads or other third party libraries in the redirect process / landing page (except for google analytics), you can check yourself:

At some point links will be archived?

No, all links are always valid and will not be archived or disabled (except if links are breaking the terms of service).

Where is the pricing?


What tracking events do you send via Google Analytics?

When a user clicks on your short link the following events are sent:

  • pageview (default) - always sent
  • event: category: "automatic_redirect", action: short handle, label: redirect URL

    - when a user is automatically redirected.

  • category: outbound, action: click, label: URL

    - when a user clicks on the app badge/URL (only when the landing page is showed).

Where I can see the analytics?

If you are a registered user you can see all the analytics here

Please note: If you added a tracking ID to your link you can see all the stats in your Google Analytics Dashboard.

Do you provide a public API?

Not at this moment, but we plan to do so, if you are interested in a beta access please email: [email protected]

Do you have any other questions? please send an email to [email protected]